Candidate Spotlight

Garrett Miller – Director of Sales, West at Stampli

How Has Build Helped You in Your Career Development?

Build not only helped me get a sales position with my current company Stampli, but they were very helpful throughout the process. They scheduled pre-interview sessions to review the types of personas/questions each interviewer would ask during the interview. They provided professional and fast correspondence and always kept me informed.

What Did You Enjoy Most About Working With Build?

The consistent updates and level of communication. They set appropriate expectations throughout the entire interview process and guided me through each individual interview. Mia was also very supportive and responsive. I was able to text her and get a response with questions I had within a few minutes. I never felt like I was lied to during the process and Build was very transparent from the start.

What Advice Do You Have for Current Candidates on the Job Hunt?

Ask questions and be direct with the specific type of role and company you want to work for. I never felt that Build was pushing a certain company or role on me. They truly listened to my requirements and what I was looking for in my next role- and set appropriate expectations upfront. I highly recommend working with Build if you are looking for a new job or want to explore potential opportunities in the future!