Team Build 

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Kristina Gundlach 

Founder & CEO

Mia DeVesta

Recruiting Enablement Manager 





Superpower of choice: always having the exact amount of needed change in her back pocket. 

As Build’s Recruiting Enablement Manager, Mia is the team’s go-to for all things onboarding, process improvement, reporting, and Star Wars. After 2.5 years with Build as a Sr. Recruiting Manager, Mia shifted into her operations leadership role, and she is loving every minute of supporting the team.Mia loves making intricate desserts, watching B-rated horror movies with her husband, Justin, and taking her daughter, Alina, to the beach.

Superpower of choice: time control.

Kate Mckenzie 

Sr. Recruiting Manager – Team Lead

Mau Cleofe

Recruiting Coordinator

Kate joined Build Staffing as a recruiting coordinator, but as business needs changed, moved into a full-time recruiter for Build’s contract/temp-to-perm client and has since pivoted onto the contingent team where she is now a Senior Recruiting Manager and Build’s Recruiting Team Lead. Having zero recruiting experience when she joined, Kate says she loves the work so much, she wishes she had discovered recruiting much earlier in her career. When she’s not working, you can probably find her on some adventure with her son, Will. 


Superpower of choice: teleportation. 

Maureen “Mau” Cleofe has been working for Build as their recruiting coordinator for 6 months now. Mau worked in a staffing agency for 5 years and it made her realize that helping people in their journey to find their dream job is her passion that’s why working for Build now is a dream come true for her. She is also a Mom of two – and having the opportunity given by Build for her to work from home is a blessing. She can now spend a lot of time with her kids while fulfilling her professional goals.


Superpower of choice: time travel. 

Tyler Deacon

Tyler Deacon

Recruiting Manager

Mackenzie Flak

Executive Assistant

Tyler joined Build in 2022 with 3.5 years of Recruiting experience. Tyler is passionate about connecting with people and helping them make the next step in their careers. Through his time in Recruiting, he has been able to place candidates in a variety of positions ranging from Sales professionals to Accountants to Engineers.
Tyler is based in Chicago and loves spending time with his Goldendoodle, Maui, and his friends and family. When he isn’t in his office you can find him at the gym, watching sports, or on the mountain — snowboarding.
Superpower of choice: Teleportation

A self-proclaimed organizational connoisseur, Mackenzie is the Executive Assistant to Build’s Founder & CEO. Mackenzie is committed to creating seamless processes, problem solving, and color coding anything she can get her hands on. For Mackenzie, the draw to join Build was the team atmosphere and core values, specifically “Knowledge is Power.” She believes that you can learn a great deal from other people and to have the opportunity to learn and grow in a team environment excites her!
When she is not working, you can find her at the beach with her rescue dog, Finley, at the gym lifting weights, or on the couch watching movies with her husband.

Superpower of choice: Teleportation

Samantha Bartels

Recruiting Manager

Kinkaid Grady 

Recruiting Manager

Samantha Bartels has experience in recruiting, customer services and business development, with her most recent role being in account management for a healthcare staffing agency. When Samantha is not working, she enjoys hiking with her dog, Ozzy, traveling to National Parks (25/64 done so far!), and going to concerts. Samantha is very excited to join the Build team, she is most looking forward to collaborating with like minded individuals and growing with Build in such an exciting industry. 
 Superpower of choice: Teleportation

Kinkaid joined build as a Recruiting Manager, where he will serve on the Total Talent Solutions team. Through his career in Operations and HR leadership, he has enjoyed his ability to build and support strong, connected teams. He decided to switch his career to recruiting when met with the opportunity to join a team that truly cares about one another and embodies a positive culture. He recently celebrated his 10th anniversary with his wife, Amber. Kinkaid often finds himself behind the cover of a book or in the kitchen, sharing his love of cooking with his two children – Addison and Harper. He keeps himself centered by spending time outdoors – preferably hiking and camping. 

Superpower of choice: The ability to fly

Michelle Diep

Recruiting Manager

Christi Krieg

Contract Recruiting Manager

Michelle has been working in the Staffing/Recruiting Industry since 2019 and joined Build as a Recruiting Manager in 2022. With a passion for making genuine connections and building lasting relationships, this was a perfect career match!
Based in WA, she is loving her life with her fiance and dog, Titus – she spends her time hanging out with them, cooking, and traveling whenever possible! In the past 5 years, she has been able to travel to 12 different countries including Iceland, Germany, France, and Mexico. Her goal is to explore at least another 10 countries in the next decade!
Superpower of choice: Power of Invisibility
Christi started in the staffing industry over 6 years ago as a Business Development Manager and since has done just about everything from enterprise sales to back-office management. She understands that every client and candidate is unique which fuels her passion to step outside of the traditional cookie-cutter staffing mold to create a personalized experience. When she is not in the office, you can find Christi hanging out with her family, hiking the local trails, or watching the latest crime documentary.
Superpower of choice: Ability to talk to animals

Kelly Peterson

Recruiting Manager

Amber Herd

Recruiting Sourcer

Kelly Peterson has recently joined the Build Team as a Recruiter! She is excited to dive in to learn the ins and outs of this position, as well as develop strong relationships with the team. Transitioning from her Sales role in the health insurance industry, Kelly hopes to bring her love for helping others combined with her passion for growth and success full circle. She currently resides in Nashville, TN.
Here she attended Lipscomb University and received her MBA in the Spring of 2021. Some of her favorite things to do are cheer on the Predators, attend country music concerts, and spend time with her nieces and nephews!
Superpower of choice: Shape Shifting

Amber Herd has dedicated her career to uplifting others. From their time as Optometric Technician to transitioning to Human Resources in 2019, helping others improve their lives has been at the forefront of each step. Amber earned her degree in Psychology with a minor in Ethics from California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt. There, she learned to find the balance between personal ambition and compassion for others. 

The “people first” approach at Build and emphasis on work-life integration captivated her. Off the clock, Amber enjoys watching Anime or Sci-Fi/ Fantasy shows with her partner, Job & snuggling with their cat, Nymeria. Currently living on the “Lost Coast”, she loves taking nature walks and taking advantage of the unique surroundings.  

Superpower of choice: Teleportation